my work

I previously worked as a textile designer, making very large scale projects for private art collectors. Detail was absolutely key and a deep, instinctive passion for hand crafted work pushed me to create unique pieces that worked with the houses and the personalities of the families within - truly bespoke.

By chance I started a pottery class to give myself some time away from ‘work’ and make some accessories for my cloths. I showed my first attempts on instagram and suddenly I was inundated with orders. It is now my full time occupation and I relish having found my eye, feel and passion for ceramics. My work has been so well received I am very excited about the future.

The pieces I make mostly have have organic shapes and echoes from nature.. they have a quiet, but strong identity. I spend a great deal of time working on glazes with subtle changes, so I have a great range of slightly differing whites, for example. I am interested in the strength that comes from quietness and for my work to have a timeless feel.

I also work a lot on smoked pieces - a very primal, earthy process. I have spent endless hours studying the smoke created by different materials, weather, timings.. working with fire is such a natural and elemental thing to do, it feels connected to history - a pure and exciting way to work.